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C1 Antalya, Turkey ‘Natural landscapes and archeological sites‘ 16-21 December 2019

C1 was  aimed at enhancing the knowledge and understanding of participants in accessing the Historical Urban Landscape (HUL). Specifically, attention was paid to the specificities of the HUL application in World Heritage Goods with significant presence of historical walls, fortresses and fortified urban space.

C1 aimed to promote a project-oriented approach to perception, comprehension and interpretation of nature and landscape remains from the territory of host school in its cultural, social and landscape context.

Among the elements of landscape value systems and cultural environment, it was possible to highlight the path of the aqueduct, the different historical paths, cannons, water elements, trees, etc. Therefore, it was a place of great cultural ideal theme for a project that combines a research in landscape and nature.

The participants of the meeting were representatives of city authorities , Antalya culture Chairpersons in the area of urban conservation and restoration, representatives of the Ministry of Culture , as well as other experts related to the same topic.

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