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January 29-31, 2020

  • Visiting the exhibition ‘Values’ at Palanga City Library
  • Lessons on the topic ‘Values’

The week of Medieval Times at Palanga Senoji Gimnazija was a great opportunity not only to talk about this historical period, but also to take a fresh look at the present. A. Janusienė and A. Kaklienė, English teachers, team members of the Erasmus + project ‘Cultural Heritage and Values Education in European  Schools’, chose the ‘Magna Carta’, a document signed by English barons and King John in 1215, which for the first time in history established the right to a fair trial. Today, we cannot imagine being arrested and imprisoned for no reason. But it is clear that the values ​​we cherish today did not enter this world with the advent of humanity.

The photography exhibition ‘Values’ displayed at  Palanga City Public Library was attended by Senoji Gimnazija students throughout the week thanks to the friendly  staff of  Palanga City Public Library. Gintare Bertule, Chief Librarian for Cultural Work, kindly welcomed every group of students and not only introduced them to the exhibition, but also invited the creative ones not to be modest and bring their works to be exhibited at this library. About 150 students from classes IA, C, D, IIB, C, III and IV visited the exhibition accompanied by their teachers A. Janusiene and A. Kakliene.

What values ​​are reflected in the exhibition? What was appealing, surprising, shocking? What’s relatable to you? These and other questions were answered by the students who visited the exhibition. Their insights, opinions, observations were pleasantly surprising and delightful. It is obvious that the young people in our gymnasium are sensitive, creative, observant, critical and original. The authors of the photographs, Iridijus Svelnys, Laura Sileikaitė, Raminta Maciuleviciute, Laima Sakalauskienė, Gediminas Ryzeninas and Danguole Parsoniene, would probably be surprised how many different insights young people had of these works. Maybe they wouldn’t be surprised, because this exhibition is about them too. Maturity, playfulness, sensitivity, support, loneliness, faithfulness, empathy, love, friendship, loneliness, routine, diversity, creativity, a world without technology, harmony are just a few reflections of what the students  have said about in these photos.

All the students presented their ideas in the English lessons. They also wrote short messages to the artists with their thoughts about their work. All the messages were sent to the City library and they promised to send them to the artists. These activities about the values ​​that matter to them are just a small but very meaningful and enjoyable part of the massive Erasmus + project. This activity will be followed by creating films ‘Values’. Exibition ‘Values’ (.pptx) 

STUDENTS’ FEEDBACK students’ feedback on ‘Values'(.pdf)