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Project Meeting C3 Bulgaria, Sofia (online – Google meet platform) 

January 17-21 2022 

Activities in C3 focused on the sharing of experiences among teachers, active participation of students, focusing on values education in education, and integration of values education into the content of the lessons. 

The motto of C3 was ‘Make a Connection’. With the ‘’Values Education’’ activity, participants were inspired by the most recent theories of psycho-social development, which internalize the moral values that provide a positive school climate. We tried to increase the quality and efficiency of education and training, which aims to provide intercultural dialogue that can use participants’ knowledge, methods and techniques. By developing our communication skills, we contributed to our foreign language competences and supported  the EU’s wide linguistic diversity in this way contributing to the improvement of the educational curriculum. 

C3 contained a wealth of information for anyone interested in researching, studying or finding out more about values of partner countries, getting to know each other. 

Each participating school introduced  their school, region and country with a PowerPoint presentation or films to all the other participants We learned that our partner schools have different values such as justice, honesty, empathy, righteousness, responsibility, gratitude, patience. and participants saw these values a s the cultural heritage of Europe. 

C3 featured a series of international case studies as well as links to many of the organizations concerned with studying, managing, developing mapping and protecting our VALUES heritage. 

The intention of the activity was to prepare pupils to become enlightened European citizens who critically reflect their own values and to make their potential flourish for the benefit of society at large. The pupils of countries exchanged their views of different aspects during the activities. 


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