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Essay competition

Essay competition


The objectives of the competition

  • Encourage students to take an interest in English
  • Develop their critical thinking, ability to express their thoughts accurately and develop self-confidence
  • Encourage reflection on the importance of education and future goals
  • Identify and disclose pupils’ linguistic abilities
  • Encourage teachers to collaborate with their students


  • IVth grade students of Palanga Senoji Gimnazija


  • Students write essays independently
  • Jobs are presented in a Word document that includes the student’s name, surname, class, teacher’s name, surname
  • Essays are sent to the organizers of the competition by e-mail until 2018 October 15
  • When submitting work, the participant grants the organizers of the competition the right to publish the work or parts of it at their discretion, indicating the work authorship.


  • The essays are assessed in accordance with the assessment criteria presented by NEC of Lithuania in 2018.


  • The best essays are published on the websites of Palanga Senoji Gimnazija and the international project Erasmus + DARE
  • Best authors are awarded diplomas.

Results of the competition

Agnė Knietaitė, winner,  agne knietaite

Aistė Timukaitė, laureate, nominated for the best social awareness  aiste timukaite

Deimantė Vaičiūtė,  laureate, nominated for inspiration  deimante vaiciute

Diana Macaitytė, laureate, nominated for excellent organization  diana macaityte

Karolina Čapskytė, laureate, nominated for excellent supporting ideas  karolina capskyte

Livija Perminaitė, laureate, nominated for the most  personal essay  livija perminaite

Mantas Birškus, laureate, nominated for the best science-oriented essay  mantas birskus

Mindaugas Zandovas, laureate, nominated for excellent organization  mindaudgas zandovas

Morta Kaminskaitė,  laureate, nominated for excellent organization  morta kaminskaite

Donatas Žalgiris, laureate  donatas zalgiris

Ingrida Mikutavičiūtė, laureate  ingrida mikutaviciute

Julius Černeckis, laureate  julius cerneckis

Raminta Gudaitytė, laureate  raminta gudaityte

Rapolas Skripkauskas,  laureate  rapolas skripkauskas