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Development of democratic traditions in Lithuania

DATE: October 24, 2017

VENUE: class IVA

Development of democratic traditions in Lithuania

In order to be able to understand the development of Democracy overall, we should start by learning about events and processes which are related to us personally.  To achieve this, the students of Palanga Senoji Gimnazija were invited to choose different dates which are important for the development of democracy in Lithuania.

Guoda Židanavičiūtė, class IVA, did research about the first democratic elections in Lithuania, when it was still part of the Soviet Union. She surfed the Internet, looked for information in history books, talked to her parents who were the witnesses of those times and drew a vivid picture for herself about the significance of this event and what it lead to. Guoda collected information, made a presentation illustrated with photos and a video, and presented it to her class.

Democratic elections Guoda .pptx