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Posters „Friendship”

November 16, 2017

Posters ‘Friendship’

We say YES to friendship and NO to bullying. The students were fully engaged in the positive message. Drawing symbols of friendship – what friendship means to them, writing key words in English, in this way boosting linguistic skills, expressing their creative ideas, and, most importantly, working together with their classmates, bonding with each other – this is what posters were all about. A sense of belonging was something that many students emphasized during this activity. Teachers Vitaly Kirilov, Justas Zulkus, Ausrine Janusiene, Audra Kakliene (teachers of English), Asta Pantelejeva , Nijole Redikiene and Nerijus Vaisvilas (class teachers) involved about 90 students from grade I and displayed the posters for the school community to admire.