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‘From students to students‘

November 15, 2017

‘From students to students‘

The activity was carried out by IVth-graders. Prior to this, Erasmus+ team members – teachers of English A.Kakliene and A.Janusiene gave special English lessons in I,II, III and IV Gimnazia classes on propaganda, hidden agenda, propaganda techniques and critical thinking, using online resourses provided to the teachers for the Anti-bullying week on . The aims of these lessons were to help students understand the concept of critical thinking and apply it to examples online, recognise some of the differences between fact and opinion, think of ways to evaluate what is trustworthy online; understand the term propaganda and how it can impact their opinions, identify and understand different propaganda techniques and analyse the reasons behind them, use selected criteria to critically assess different media and messages.

An innovative task involving the use of ITC tools was given to the students as optional homework: do research into the online content that they often view and find propaganda, identify the propaganda technique and describe the hidden message. The results were amazing: next lessons the majority of the students were willing to report on what they had discovered. The participants navigated the complicated world of digital resources and had a class discussion using a range of digital tools: their smart phones, tablets, computers. They taught each other about propaganda techniques which they discovered in advertisements, on Facebook, Twitter, in news portals, even Russian songs and other online contents. Everybody found such an English lesson very involving, they gained presentation skills and public speaking skills. They boasted about this lesson to their peers.

This experience helped the participants develop critical thinking skills which can support them not only in learning the school subjects but also in later life.