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Self-governing day

Self-Governing Day 2018

On October 5th, which is marked as an International Teacher‘s Day, the students and teachers of Erasmus+ Club supported by other enthusistic students and colleagues held a self-governing day at Palanga Senoji Gimnazija.

The goals were not only to teach the students the basic rules and principals of school management but also to provide an opportunity to step into a teacher‘s shoes and give lessons not only to their peers but also to the primary school pupils. The teacher in charge of organizing school events T. Mackeviciene invited senior students to try out a teacher‘s job in Palanga Primary School, where the students worked as teachers and headmasters.

In Palanga Senoji Gimnazija the students did various jobs: they became  the headmaster, the secretary, the caretaker and the teacher. Anxious at the beginning, they felt more and more relaxed with time and thouroughly enjoyed the experience.


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