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REGIONAL CONFERENCE „Kaleidoscope of Personal Experience“

„The only source of knowledge is experience”

(Albert Einstein)

On November 23, 2018 the „Kaleidoscope of Personal Experience“ invited students from Western Lithuania to a regional conference in which they presented reports prepared in English. Alongside the hosts of the conference – students of Gargzdai “Vaivorykste“ Gimnazija, experiences were shared by students from nearby towns Klaipėda, Veivirzenai, Svėksna, Rietavas and Silutė. Palanga Senoji Gimnazija was represented by Agnė Knietaite (IVB), Gabija Juozapaityte and Aiste Putriūte (IIID). The report of the latter was the results of group work (together with Adomas Janusas, Dovydas Zemaitaitis and Domantas Petrulevicius). The students presented the activities of the international project Erasmus + DARE. Agne presented the reasearch into the European Charter of Schools without Violence followed by a video “Violence“ made by Class IID students and edited byAgne herself, whereas Aiste and Gabija focused on the project activities that their class took part in since the beginning of the project. They explained how they benefited from this project and encouraged their peers to join Erasmus project if they were given  such an opportunity. The students were consulted by teachers Ausrine Janusiene and Audra Kakliene.

Agne Knietaite:

“The regional conference „Kaleidoscope of Personal Experience” in Gargzdai was quite a unique and memorable experience – it demonstrated an unconventional way of organisation of such an event by splitting students in groups of 5, thus creating a comfortable environment for not only presenting our ideas but also starting a discussion. I heard interesting presentations on subjects ranging from the laws of Physics to experiences at international competitions, and I believe it was a beneficial experience and helped to further broaden my horizon.“

Aiste Putriute:

“ The conference was a whole new challenge, because everything was in English, in an unfamiliar environment. We had a warm welcome and our presentation went well, although I was very nervous. We had a fun time there and came home with a lot of new ideas, knowledge and experiences.“

Gabija Juozapaityte:

“In the regional conference in Gargždai we not only had an amazing chance to share our impressions of past events in the Erasmus+ DARE project, but also to get to know other people, their experiences and ideas. We also improved our English skills and got over public speaking anxiety. This experience was not only a fun way to spend time, but also useful for our self-development.“