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November 28, 2017

Students teach students

Stereotypes are an obstacle for mutual understanding, friendship and cooperation. The students of Palanga Senoji Gimnazija have a possibility to broaden their horizons and learn more about diversity of Europe and the world in the neighbouring town Klaipeda, LCC International University which has the programme called CMAP. Students attending the programme take part in discussions in the international environment. Teacher A.Janušienė, a member of the school‘s Erasmus+ team, invited her student Gintarė Jasiūnaitė from class IIC, who attended CMAP in LCC University, to share her ideas, knowledge and experience with the other students in her class. The student made a presentation about stereotypes, gave a short talk about them and then monitored the class discussion about the need to fight the stereotypes.

Stereotypes presentation .pptx