Pasirinkite puslapį

A Trip to Palanga Nursing Home

On the 21st of December Palanga Senoji Gimnazija class IID students and their class teacher Aušra Ševeliova, Ethics teacher Toma Mackevičienė and teacher of Religion Genovaitė Kekienė visited Palanga nursing home. G. Kekienė greeted the old age patients with a sensitive speech about a person’s life. After that, a couple of students (L. Vagener, Ū. Janulytė, Ž. Petrošius, D. Kryževičius) made a musical performance which was sentimental too and many patients were touched to the heart. Other pupils recited B.Pasternak’s poem “Winter’s night” (K. Kurotškina, D. Nuraševas), read a story about fluffy balls which gave happiness to the people (A.Butkutė). Then, the students gave those fluffy balls, which class girls had made during technology lessons under the guidance of teacher Jūratė Vaišvilė, to each senior. The hospital staff and the old patients were very happy because sensitive performances of young people brought joy to their hearts before the most important and wonderful time of the year – Christmas and the New Year. Hospital administration showed their gratitude to the students by giving them some sweet gifts. They promised to visit this place not only once a year but at Easter, too. Everyone was happy with this decision and is looking forward to another visit next year.