Pasirinkite puslapį

Project Meetings

  • Project meetings of Erasmus+ ‚DARE‘ team members take place in room 106 at 3 p.m. every first and/or third Tuesday of each month.
  • October 3, 2017

Project coordinator A.Kaklienė presented the goals, aims, activities, results of the project, participating schools. The members of the team decided to suggest ideas and prepare a detailed plan of activities.

  • October 17, 2017

The project meeting discussed ongoing and planned activities. Teacher A.Janušienė is working with the debate teams and discussing the topic ‘NATO should increase the number of troops and the amount of support to the Baltic States’. The teacher conducted several open lessons featuring innovative active teaching methods.The teacher‘s student is volunteering in teaching seniors English. Teacher N.Vaišvilas is planning to visit Klaipėda Seaport, the workplace of one of the student’s grandparent. Teacher J.Vaišvilė is managing the project’s online section. Teacher D. Urbštienė is planning to present the use of IT in Biology lessons. Teachers A.Kaklienė and A.Janušienė are preparing for the methodology event for the teachers of English. Students are creating ‘DARE’ logos, films about friendship, making presentations on the development of democracy in Lithuania.

  • November 7, 2017

The meeting aimed at the activities which have been carried out, activities in progress and the activities for the International Day of Tolerance. Teacher N.Vaišvilas shared his experience of visiting the Sea Port – the worklplace of his student‘s grandfather. It was an unforgettable experience for the students to get acquainted with marine professions, career prospects and educational facilities for the students doing a marine course. The teachers also shared some drafts of logos for the DARE logo competition and commented on the progress of making films about friendship. The students find it rather challenging to make a film: they either lack the technical skills or creativity, or are too shy to interview people. Fortunately, quite a few students are interested and are working on it. For the Day of Tolerance teacher A.Jazbutienė suggested organizing a flashmob and a campaign of ‚Helping Hands‘. A film competition will take place on November 16 if several films are presented. A.Kaklienė has contacted the lecturer from LLC University in Klaipėda Emilis Gricius to give a talk on the subject of tolerance on November 16 – the International Day of Tolerance. She also shared the websites given by the Bulgarian partners to look for ideas for the Ani-Bullying week. The students are still doing research into the important dates of Lithuania, some of them have already finished their work and presented it to their classmates. The problem of Agreement not being sent to the school by the National Agency was discussed. Teacher A.Kaklienė said she had called the NA but received only apologies that the delay is due to the European Commission. This situation hinders the work, interferes with the preparation for the first transnational meeting. Teacher A.Janušienė commented on the successful performance of the debate teams, how much knowledge they gained on the political situation in Europe, ways of defending freedom and democracy in Lithuania. J.Vaišvilė is constantly updating Erasmus+ column. A.Kaklienė and A.Janušienė were happy about the ‚Methods‘ Fair‘, which was a good platform to share inovative methods and learn from the colleagues.