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Cultural Heritage and Values Education in European Schools

KA229 School Exchange Partnerships

Cultural Heritage and Values Education in European Schools

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The „Francesco Crispi” secondary school is a public school of ancient tradition, which welcomes students from the centre, the suburbs and other countries. Our school has about 700 students from 3 to 13 years old and 70 teachers. Many of them are young teachers with a high motivation and furthermore, we have a well qualified teaching and non-teaching staff who can support the project at all time. As some of our students are of socially lower family background many of them will not ever have the chance to participate in an exchange (without Erasmus+). Learning about different cultures will enable our students to become more aware and tolerant towards European countries. English is a foreign language in our school, so all the activities that help to improve English are very important. Our students are friendly and competitive.


As an institution we attach great importance to educating our students as team members who are strong in social work and team work. In this sense, we emphasize the involvement of our students in social activities and try to ensure that team spirit develops and unifies within a framework of goals.In addition to all these, our school organizes cultural, social and technical trips that will contribute to the personal and professional development of our students at every opportunity. We work together with different institutions to provide strong, strategic local leadership and development of an increasingly autonomous and diverse education and young’s sector.


It is a high school of engineering and trades of industry comprising two entities: a general and technological high school and a vocational high school. There are 120 teachers and 1500 students in our school. We have two entities : a general and technical school (LGT) with Baccalauréats in sciences, social and economic and science and technology of industry and sustainable development (1000 students and 70 teachers) Our vocational school (LP) is more industrial : visual communication, industry (Maintenance and Machining), personal care, auto mechanics, computer graphics and printing as well as digital systems (electronics – IT). These are 3 years for professionnal Baccalauréats.


ZESPOL SZOL W JANKOWIE PIERWSZYM is located next to Botanical Garden in a quiet and peaceful place with over than 500 students. From the 4th July 2015 our school became the only  cological gymnasium in Poland. The school’s curriculum is closely related to cultural and values education issues, problems, . The particular focus is on culture subjects and the usage of ICT technologies, as nowadays they became inevitable part of educational process at schools. As our school is located next to the Botanical garden, students have many opportunities to have lessons conducted in other environments, moreover, with the help of various technologies they perform lots of different projects related to environment and its conservation. Currently our school is participating in some national projects. Our school has some fully-equipped computer rooms, the separate class where students can use touchpads, each classroom is provided with projectors that are effectively used during lessons. There are 36 qualified teachers in the school who teach students from 7-19 years old. The main reason of motivation to join the project is to be full, active and reliable member of international community, grow as self-learning organization in multicultural and international environment, break existing stereotypes about formal education and raise the perception, meaning and value of education itself.


Our school is situated in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. The school is one of the biggest schools in Sofia with more than 50 years’ experience. We have 1600 students. Unfortunately, many of our students come from very disabled backgrounds – some of them have difficulties in their families because their parents are unemployed ( job crisis and financial problems) and there are also students who have only one parent, there are orphans and their grandparents take care of them. If we do not do anything, many of our students are in danger to suffer social exclusion. Our students are from 1st to 12th grade, from 7 to 18-19 years old. We teach compulsory subjects like Bulgarian language and literature, Maths, History, Geography, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology and Logic, Philosophy, PE. After the 4th grade /at secondary level /we have 5 profiles: Maths, Human and Nature, Physical education, Languages – Bulgarian and Russian. All our students  study English as a foreign language.