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Historic and Cultural Heritage of Palanga in Acrostics

Virtual exhibition

Historic and Cultural Heritage of Palanga in Acrostics

The acquaintance of Palanga Senoji Gimnazija students with the history of Palanga continues, only this time they were invited to employ their creative abilities. In order to integrate the international Erasmus + project “Cultural Heritage and Values education in European Schools” into the educational process, the English teachers Audra Kaklienė and Aušrinė Janušienė invited their students to participate in the virtual exhibition “Historica and Cultural Heritage of Palanga in Acrostichs”.

Acrostich is a word derived from the Greek language (Gr. Acre ‘border’ + verse ‘line’), meaning a versed text whose first letters of the lines, read from top to bottom, form a word or expression. The students had to create acrostics in English by choosing various words related to Palanga, its history and culture. While carrying out this task, the students had complete freedom and everyone could choose the words that were most important to them personally, the most beautiful, and most reflective of the spirit of their hometown. Many could not imagine Palanga without such words as the sea, sand, Palanga pier, seaside, but many students chose those who remind of the exceptional history of the city and the personalities who created the resort or made the city famous.

So, everyone who understands English is invited to enjoy the creativity of our high school students and see Palanga through their eyes.

Palangos istorinis ir kultūrinis paveldas akrostichuose