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Lecture ‘Love, respect, tolerance’

November 16, 2017 lecture ‘Love, respect, tolerance’, lecturer – Priest of Palanga parish church Sigitas Zilys

The priest spoke about the fundamental values of the humanity – everyone wants and needs to be loved, the importance of respect and the danger of disrespect. He shared his social and cultural experience living, studying and preaching in many parts of the world: Italy, USA, Britain, Israel. He asked the students questions and made them active participants of the lecture, not only listeners. He explained what lack of tolerance towards other races, cultures and religions can lead to.

The lecture was attended by around 80 IInd-grade students. This is what the students thought about it:

‘I really like the lecture. It wasn’t just a simple talk, he said some interesting ideas that really blew my mind.’

‘I think the lecture was educating’.

‘His speech was involving, he analyzed tolerance problems which are common these days’.

‘Very positive! Why? Because it changed my view towards other people’.

‘He spoke about his experience moving around the world and meeting different people’.

From the students’ positive comments we can tell that the lecture made a huge effect on them. We are convinced it was a very successful activity of our Erasmus+ project and it will have a long-lasting effect on both the students and the teachers.